BGI Genomics & genomiQa sign wgs services agreement

GenomiQa and BGI Genomics formed an agreement, on 25 March, on clinical whole genome cancer sequencing utilising BGI’s ISO15189 accredited laboratory sequencing facilities. Dr Bicheng Yang, Director of BGI Australia said, “We are really pleased with the growth of our sequencing services on DNBseqTM technology platform and the opportunity to support innovative companies like genomiQa. By working together with genomiQa, researchers and physicians can use whole genome analysis to unlock potential new treatments and support the best patient outcomes similar to the 'Immunotherapy Outcomes Predication' project we are working together on." genomiQa's CEO Colin Albert said, “We have been working with BGI on a number of research projects and validation studies to reach this exciting milestone. More importantly we will start to help patients who have only had access to comprehensive panels, where up to 38% of breast cancer patients may not have received the best treatment options, as actionable information was not available." genomiQa also intends to use BGI’s facility in Australia once it has completed the ISO 15189 accreditation process in the next 12 months. Keep reading

About genomiQa

genomiQa is a start-up company out of the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, which provides computational pipeline services to analyse whole genome data, DNA/RNA. The high-quality genomic pipeline was developed by founders Dr Nic Waddell and John Pearson and offered clinicians and companies high-quality analysis of genomic data to inform health care decisions.