biodiversity research RFP Winners

BGI Australia issued a biodiversity research Request for Proposals (RFP) in August 2017 for single or multi-year collaboration projects with BGI researchers, focusing on applying next-generation sequencing to study the genomic basis of evolution, biodiversity, sustainability and conservation biology and to understand the impacts of environmental, climate and ecological factors to the biodiversity with an emphasis on the Queensland Government research priority area. For each qualifying proposal BGI Australia awards up to $200,000 value of sequencing costs to be performed on the BGI sequencing platform in BGI Australia laboratory in Brisbane. Since the announcement of call for proposals in August 2017 BGI Australia has received 21 EOI's (Expression of Interest) and 3 full proposals. We are sincerely appreciative of the extensive interest received from our passionate fellow Australian researchers and scientists in the biodiversity and evolution fields. We are pleased to announce the final two winners: “Managing regime shifts and fisheries collapse on the Great Barrier Reef – the role of ancient DNA” from Professor John Pandolfi and Dr. Cynthia Riginos of the University of Queensland; and “Depth adaptation and scope for vertical connectivity in scleractinian corals” from Dr. Greg Torda of James Cook University.  

BGI, University of Queensland, biodiversity research on the Great Barrier Reef

 Managing Regime Shifts and Fisheries Collapse on the Great Barrier Reef – the Role of Ancient DNA

Professor John Pandolfi & Dr. Cynthia Riginos, the University of Queensland 

BGI, James Cook University, JCU, vertical connectivity in corals, coral study

 Depth Adaptation and Scope for Vertical Connectivity in Scleractinian Corals

Dr. Greg Torda, James Cook University