About BGI Australia

BGI Australia launch, office opening

Founded in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  • Due to BGI's growing presence and influence in the world, BGI Australia was established in August 2016 to support its growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Its office is located on level 6 in the prestigious QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Herston, Brisbane, Queensland. Being a subsidiary of the world's largest genomics organisation headquartered in China with leading gene sequencing platform and superb sequencing and bioinformatics analysis capability, BGI Australia is BGI’s strategic research hub for the Asia Pacific region. Dedicated to facilitating cutting-edge research in healthcare, agriculture, environment and other related areas, BGI Australia is continuously seeking collaborative opportunities across ANZ region  to pursue scientific excellence by incorporating existing resources to contribute to the vision of using genomics to benefit the whole mankind.

BGI Australia Laboratory Opening, BGI AU Lab Opening

BGI Australia Laboratory

BGI Australia Laboratory, which is BGI’s first southern hemisphere genomics laboratory, is launched in May 2017, unveiling of its cutting-edge sequencer's debut in this part of the world. Being a subsidiary of the world's largest genomic organisation with leading  gene sequencing platform and superb genome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis capability, BGI Australia is devoted to facilitating cutting-edge research in the areas of healthcare, agriculture and environment. 

BGI AU Lab, BGI Sequencers, Brisbane

Local Research Collaborations

BGI Australia, under BGI Group, has established collaborations with leading research institutions such as QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, CSIRO, the University of Queensland, Griffith University and James Cook University to carry out scientific research and innovative projects in relation to human medicine, health science, sports science, marine science, biodiversity, agriculture and aquaculture. BGI Australia has been undergoing strategic discussions with universities and various organisations regarding future opportunities and partnerships.

Strategic Focus of BGI Australia

  • collaboration with Australian organisations, to advance research and discoveries in genomics, medical health, agriculture and biodiversity;
  • establishing a centralised platform to provide technology transfer, training, services and industry incubation to the community;
  • providing sequencing systems, analysis tools and services to healthcare providers to promote Australian’s public well-being in areas of reproductive health, cancer, rare diseases, infectious diseases etc.;
  • developing agriculture and aquaculture with advanced molecular breeding technology and agricultural-genomics-related research, to promote sino-Australia agribusiness partnerships.