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BGI Sequencers receive CFDA Certification

MGI, the manufacturing subsidiary under BGI Corporation, has received China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) certification for its latest two models of next generation genetic sequencers. MGISEQ-2000 and MGISEQ-200 sequencers have been granted the Medical Device Registration Certificate (MDRC) by CFDA on 25th June 2018. MGI is the first organisation in China to receive the certification from CFDA for next-generation sequencing diagnostic products and medical devices. These two new sequencers will not just play an important role in scientific rsearch, but also contribute to a wide range of applications in the clinical medicine industry. Healthcare organisations will now have the confidence using the world’s leading sequencing solution to perform whole genome sequencing (WGS). MGISEQ-2000 supports two different types of Flow Cells and provides an independent dual Flow Cell operating platform. Users can combine dozens of different operating modes to provide more diversified options for sequencing. It can produce 1080G of high-quality sequencing data, and in PE100 mode at a full load MGI-2000 can provide single end-to-end sequencing within 48 hours. MGISEQ-200 is an instrument of convenience and flexibility. It takes less than 48 hours to produce 60G of high-quality sequencing data while functioning in PE100 mode at a full load. MGISEQ-200 can complete rapid tests of 24 tumor samples in one day.

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As a subsidiary of BGI, MGI adheres to BGI’s mission of genomics technology for the benefit of human beings, focusing on the Research& Development, manufacturing, production, and sales of life science and healthcare instruments and equipment, reagent materials and other relevant products. Since its acquisition of Complete Genomics, MGI has built upon the technologies to rapidly develop a new series of genetic sequencers.

Strategic Focus of BGI Aus.

  • collaboration with Australian organisations, to advance research and discoveries in genomics, medical health, agriculture and biodiversity;
  • establishing centralised platform to provide technology transfer, training, services and industry incubation to the community;
  • providing sequencing systems, analysis tools and services to healthcare providers to promote Australian’s public well-being in areas of reproductive health, cancer, rare diseases, infectious diseases etc.;
  • developing agriculture and aquaculture with advanced molecular breeding technology, large-scale growing and deep processing, to promote sino-Australia agribusiness partnerships. 

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