Collaborations in Australia

Since the inception in April 2016, BGI Australia have established extensive collaborations with universities and research institutes all over Australia.


In Aug. 2016 BGI Agriculture Group signed a memorandum with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation through its Agriculture and Food Business Unit in respect of millet breeding, production and genetic improvement.

MOU with Griffith University

In Aug. 2016 BGI Australia signed a memorandum with Griffith University with regards to a number of projects involving genomics, gene sequencing, genetic diagnostic and screening, phonemics and other -omics studies.


BGI and QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute signed a memorandum regarding collaborations on a genomics-based research and education programme focused on precision medicine.

MOU with Uni. of Melbourne

BGI Australia and the University of Melbourne signed a Memorandum of Understanding to engage in scientific collaborations in the area of One Health using ‘omic and informatic technologies, with the aim to build a comprehensive, world-class program and joint-centre in infectious diseases.

MOU with Uni. of Queensland

BGI and Centre for Advanced Imaging University of Queensland formed a partnership to investigate the feasibility of integrating anatomical ultra-high field MRI and genomics sequencing data, with the aim of developing early diagnostic tools across a broad range of clinically significant disorders.